Planning Classes

When I first planned this academy, my thought process was to plan a “school” like some of the ones I’ve attended in the United States. My goal is to have a full-service chocolate and pastry school with chocolate, pastry, confectionery, and savoury classes. I’m actually pleased at the way the academy is going to date with the chocolate making classes I’ve taught so far.

I’m really excited to plan new out classes using new instructors to bring their expertise and a new “flavor” to the academy. I’m looking forward to sitting down with Chef Shari upon her return to Barbados. Chef Sonia from Tobago has previously lived and worked in Barbados, and is great at giving advice and feedback. We’ve talked several times over the past year, and I’m looking forward to meeting her soon. She’s been a Godsend so far. I have my friend Nisa to thank for the referral. Nisa and I worked together in the States, and, like me, has since moved back home (to her native Tobago).

New classes in the planning phase include pastry and confectionery and savoury workshops.


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